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What Is Pop Culture Retrorama?

Curious as to what the Pop Culture Retrorama site is all about?

Saturday Frights Podcast

Saturday Frights Podcast Ep. 090 – Top 5 Horror Movies Of 2020

For the 90th episode of the Saturday Frights podcast – we tackle the Top 5 Horror Movies of 2020.

Commercials Food

1984’s “Where’s The Beef?” By Coyote McCloud And Clara Peller

Clara Peller made a name for herself in 1984 with a humorous series of Wendy’s commercials.

Fan Art Movies TV Shows

Mulder And Scully Crossed Paths With Michael Myers?!

What is deadlier than investigating the X-Files? Investigating Haddonfield while Michael Myers is loose.

Board Games Movies

Prepare Yourself For Alien: Fate Of The Nostromo By Ravensburger!

Check out the upcoming Ravensburger board game based on 1979’s Alien.

Books Retro Radio Memories

Retro Radio Memories: Ray Bradbury’s The Fog Horn

Enjoy this wonderful adaptation of The Fog Horn courtesy of Mindwebs!

Movies Video Games

I’m in a Movie! EXCLUSIVE SUPER MARIO 64 SCENE! (Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story)

I’m going to be in a new Nintendo documentary, and here you can watch an exclusive scene where me and some others in the industry talk about the importance of Super Mario 64, the groundbreaking N64 game. The documentary, which stars Sean Astin and Wil Wheaton, will debut on the Crackle streaming service March 1,…

Comic Books Toys

1988 Super Powers Cup Holders From Burger King

Do you remember the Super Powers Collection?

Movies Toys

Do You Remember Return Of The Jedi Presto Magix?

Did you ever play with a Presto Magix set?

Music Novelty Songs TV Shows

Enjoy This 1971 Rendition Of Coconut By Harry Nilsson.

Check out this rare performance of Harry Nilsson – in an ape suit – performing Coconut.

Video Games

Sega R360 Arcade Cabinet Located In A Field!

Check out the history of Sega’s R360 arcade cabinets.